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Man Sues Brewery For Offering "Pink Beer" To Women On International Women's Day - It's About Time Somebody Stood Up For MEN

MIRROR – A man has successfully sued Brewdog for sex discrimination after staff refused him a drink because of his gender.

Dr Thomas Bower went for a drink at the Brewdog bar in Cardiff where he attempted to order the Pink IPA drink which was advertised for £4 as part of the brewery’s campaign to highlight the gender paygap.

The brew was launched in 2018 and was to be purchased at a discounted cost by customers who identify as female.

It was satirically dubbed ‘Beer for Girls’, with BrewDog saying it had created Pink IPA as a way of “exposing the sexist marketing techniques used to target women, particularly within the beer industry,” reports Wales Online .

People throw out the word hero too liberally these days, to the point where it’s almost lost its meaning.  In my book, the real heroes are: the soldiers who stormed the beach at Normandy, Schindler from the movie “Schindler’s List,” Batman, and now – Dr. Thomas Bower who stood up to the BrewDog Brewery for making him pay FIVE euro for a beer when women were offered beer for FOUR euro.

Dr Bower, from Cardiff, said that the bartender at the bar on Westgate Street refused to serve him the drink on the grounds that he was male, and offered him the Punk IPA that was sold for £5.

The 27-year-old software engineer said: “After a bit of a back and forth with me protesting this, I felt forced to identify as female and was then able to get the drink for £4 – I complained to the company about this and they said it wasn’t discrimination because the price difference was part of a national campaign to raise awareness about the gender pay gap.

“Not satisfied with this, I complained again to Brewdog stating that I was intending to take them to court over this but would rather resolve the problem outside court. They ignored this.”

Oh no no no.  Dr. Thomas Bower will not be ignored.  Not on today, International Women’s Day, of all days.

Unhappy with the experience in March 2018, Dr Bower decided to take Brewdog to the small claims court, stating that if they apologised publicly he would drop the claim.

He claimed for damages and an apology for “direct discrimination and breach of the Equality Act 2010″, according to court documents dated May 23 2019.

He was awarded £1,000 compensation.

Dr. Bower is smart enough to see where this slippery slope is going; I mean, he has “Doctor” in his name, so that should come as no surprise.  Dr. Bower knows that something as small as a 1 euro discount on an IPA on an International Women’s Day can soon turn into something much bigger, like having to pay these women the same as men to do the same job – something they did NOT fight and lose the Revolutionary War to see happen in their proud country.  It’s a slippery slope and it’s about time somebody stood up for men and their right to make more money than women.

via The Mirror