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MUST READ: Colts' Cornerback Kenny Moore Is The Greatest Man Alive


Albert Bridge CapitalThis is going to be an uncharacteristic departure for me.  This story is deeply personal, for our family, and for our oldest son in particular.  But it is a story he’s letting me tell, because it is a story he wants people to hear.

My son Max was born in Detroit in 1997…

He chose a destination a lot of rudderless kids like to visit.  It might as well have been Goa, Tulum, Koh Tao or Maui, but he chose Costa Rica.

But, for some reason, he decided not to.  Max decided to stay in the game.

We later learned the reason.  He’d found an eight-week old puppy roaming the streets of Santa Teresa.


This is the most amazing story I’ve read, uh, today. Due to copyright laws or something, I can’t copy and paste the entirety of the story, so just read it here. I’m not going to spoil the ending because you think you have the story figured out, that you’ve heard it before, but then it takes an incredible turn. I’ve read it twice, and you should too. Not a whole lot else to say, just an amazing, wonderful thing to read.

Kenny Moore deserves every cent of his $36M max deal. Let’s throw in a knighthood and the keys to Indianapolis while we’re at it. Pat, if you’re reading this (you’re not), get this cuzzo on the pod!

And of course, check out Blogs for Dogs because it’s fantastic.