People Who Actually Want DeMar DeRozan To Get An Honorary Ring Are The Biggest Losers On The Planet

So last night the Raptors won the NBA title. You know this. Duh. But, did you know that people ACTUALLY think DeMar DeRozan should get an honorary ring. Here’s just a small example

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These are the biggest losers on the planet. Any person who thinks DeMar fucking DeRozan deserves a ring for never getting the Raptors there is a loser. They are probably the same people mad that the United States celebrated and shook their ass all over Thailand up 13-0.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. The guy literally couldn’t get your team to the NBA Finals, let alone win you a championship. The Raptors did the smart thing by getting him out of town for one of the 3-4 best players in the world. You don’t get a ring for not being good enough!

I can’t believe people are out here thinking a guy who got traded so the team could win deserves a ring. Just the worst type of people. Give Drake a ring. Don’t even think about giving DeMar DeRozan a ring. Let him try to win one in San Antonio or wherever he gets traded to.