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I Can't Stop Watching This Video Of Javy Baez Staring A Hole Through Philip Diehl's Soul

I know I already blogged this extensively about an hour ago but I legitimately can’t stop watching Javy stare a hole through Philip Diehl’s soul.

And I know I spend a lot of time on Javy Baez – both on the blog and on Red Line – but for the life of me I hope you understand why. Today was a scene out of a movie. The Rockies and Cubs have been jawing all game, drilling people left and right. When Rizzo got hit you could have made an argument for a lame benches clearing brawl but he’s old and married now so that ship sailed. Off to first he goes hoping that Javy atones for the damage. In return we get an ice cold moment from a red hot superstar that everyone should have circled as their favorite player in the game. No one does baseball better than Javy Baez right now and I’m sorry if that message ever gets old.