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Alex Morgan Says It Would Have Been 'Disrespectful' To Ease Up On Thailand And She's 100% Right

This morning a few former Canadian soccer players lost their minds when talking about Team USA’s 13-0 schalacking of Thailand in the opening game of the Women’s World Cup. I knew this would happen. I knew there would be people out there who would be offended by our dominance. Following the game yesterday I wrote this.

I’m sure Deadspin or some other site is going to write something about how disgusting this was and that Alex Morgan should be ashamed of herself for scoring five times. To anyone with that thinking? Eat shit. Run that score up baby! If you can score 20, score 20. I think it’s more disrespectful if a team clearly isn’t trying to score on you. You’re in the World Cup. Who gives a shit about the other team’s feelings? Step on their throats and never let up.

Alex pretty much relayed the exact same sentiment in her on the street interview at the top of the blog. It’s the World Cup. These women have been waiting their whole lives for this moment. If they score they’re going to go nuts. Letting up and just playing keep away would be more disrespectful to Thailand than playing their normal game. If you can’t wrap your head around that then you need a new brain because the one you have is broken.

I’ve always loved Alex Morgan and us having the same opinion after yesterday’s game made me love her even more. Don’t apologize at all, just keep stepping on throats and doing you.

Quick throwback to that one time she got kicked out of Disney World because she was hammered.

(TMZ) — Team USA soccer star Alex Morgan was told by police to leave Disney World in Florida on Sunday after an incident at a bar in Epcot Center, TMZ Sports has learned. Morgan was part of a group that included several MLS stars including Giles Barnes and Donny Toia, who were also 86’d from the park. We’re working on details from the cops — but witnesses tell us the group had been partying at a pub in the U.K. section of Epcot Center when things got rowdy inside. Our witnesses say Morgan and her group were arguing with another group — and ultimately the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. got involved and told everyone to leave. The OCSD tells TMZ Sports, “These are the individuals that were trespassed from Disney on Oct. 1st.”

That’s my queen.

USA USA USA. Who’s next…