Kevin Durant Re-Injured His Right Leg And Knicks Fans Everywhere Panic

God dammit. Nothing like a little light contact injury to the same leg you just missed 30 days recovering from. There was always a risk with Kevin Durant coming back, some even said he only came back because he was pressured by his teammates. All I know is Durant started this game on fire and looked very much healthy and ready to take over this game and in a blink of an eye he’s hurt. Just a devastating blow. I’d be shocked if he came back at any point the rest of these Finals even if the Warriors were able to pull out this win. As of now they’re hitting everything but it’s clear they need Durant everyone with a brain knows it. Without him the Warriors season could very well end tonight.

Also kind of lame for Raptors fans to cheer the injury but maybe they were just cheering for him to make him feel better since they are so nice? Either way this is absolutely not what you want to see in such a big moment, and now we all hold our breath and pray that he didn’t just pop his achilles or anything crazy.