Angel Hernandez Apparently Is A Blind Person And Therefore Should Not Be Allowed To Umpire Baseball Games

I generally think complaining about balls and strikes is lame. The human error aspect of baseball is what makes it unique and sometimes you have to deal with an umpire’s weird zone. A lot of pitching is about making adjustments the moment you know where a guy is favoring what side of the zone. Are we likely heading towards a robotic strike zone? Well, last night might have been the tipping point. What Angel Hernandez did last night during the Yankees-Blue Jays game should be illegal. He should be fired, fined, and possibly arrested after some of these calls. I mean it was crazy. This ball is directly down the middle! What are we looking at? Gary almost fell over in disbelief. Tanaka was stunned. Hernandez wasn’t the sole reason the Yankees lost, but he most certainly played a part in it.

Stop letting Angel Hernandez continue to be a thing. Get him out of this game and never let him back.