You Will Never Win A Fight Against A Man In His Underwear Wielding A Didgeridoo. That's Just A Fact Of Life

Newshub – Dressed only in his underwear, an Australian man has heroically chased down a man who was attempting to rob his house.

Kym Ambrook was asleep in his Adelaide home on Monday, when the sound of floorboards creaking woke him up at 4am. When he went to investigate the noise, he found a home intruder. Despite being underdressed, Ambrook chased the man out of his home and yelled for his neighbours to help…

…”Out there in all me glory – I did notice I run faster naked,” he said through laughter.

Once the boys had trapped the invader, Ambrook sprinted back home to grab a defence. He returned, armed with a didgeridoo, and a torch

If I had to rattle off a list of the people in this world who I would absolutely, positively, 100%, never under any circumstances want to fight…well the list would start and end with Kym Ambrook. Because if you are going up against a guy who strips down to his underwear just to fight, you know you’re already in a tough situation. But then when his weapons of choice are a didgeridoo and a torch? Well you’ve never been more fucked in your entire life. I don’t care how tough you think you are, you lose that fight 100 times out of 100. Death, taxes, getting your ass completely handed to you by anybody who fights in their underwear with a didgeridoo.

And you know that this dude wasn’t just clowning around by how eager he was to recreate the whole scene for the news. This wasn’t just some spur of the moment decision from Kym Ambrook. Probably wasn’t even the first time that he’s chased somebody down with a didgeridoo before. Just look at the way he wields this bad boy around.


That’s a man who knows exactly what he’s doing. And he was ready for the whole world to see what they’re getting themselves into if anybody ever decides to try to break into his home again.

P.S. – The news article says that he’s a father of 12. And that’s just the kids that he knows about. What a fucking legend. This is the final boss you have to face in Dad Strength.