Catholic Bishop Gets Ratioed To Death With An All-Time Tweet About Pride

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If I had only known it was this easy to go viral I would’ve started tweeting out hate years ago. Black jokes, Gay jokes, Jew jokes, my followers would go through the roof. Think about that, eighty-six-THOUSAND replies on an account with only seven-thousand followers. You know half of those people weren’t even following him before the tweet either. They came on board after they saw the kind of content he was putting out. The only tweet I can remember with a bigger ratio was the Trump Russia tweet back in 2018:

Regardless, nothing moves the needle on Twitter in June quite like a hot take on Gay Pride Month. Especially when the replies are such layups…

You get the idea. I couldn’t even wrap my head around half the replies in there. Reading it should be considered a form of torture. It’s just people with anonymous avatars trying to have legitimate conversations about religion and homosexuality in two-hundred-and-eighty characters or less. Writing that sentence made me want to puke. May God have mercy on everyone who engaged with that thread, especially Bishop Tom Tobin. Although chances are he’s going straight to hell.

If you haven’t already gotten your pride shirt, they’re live on the site now. Still plenty of time left to order before the parade.