78 Percent Of Men Ages 19 to 34 Say They Will Be Wearing Crop Tops This Summer: Will You, Dear Reader?

Honest to god, wearing a crop top seems like an absolute delight. I’d be rolling up to the pool party wearing nothing but a little pair of boardies (that’s what we are calling swimming trunks now) and a bright yellow crop top. Sure. My belly would be out for the world to see but it’s 2019 and I’m gonna be me all summer long. If you dont like it, step aside. Me and all the fellas will be cool, calm, and collected while wearing this entire ASOS collection.

Perhaps a bigger story is that we are one step closer to making sundresses an option for the common man. I CANNOT WAIT for that. I’d be cruising down the street with my sundress billowing in the wind. I’d be light. I’d be airy. I’d be a delicious looking snack. In fact, I’d look so edible that my name would become Charcuterie Board. I’d look like a slice of thin meat to the point that you would be cheesing, honey.

When that happens, we’ll look at swamp ass like it’s a thing of the past.

Bye, bitch.