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Macaulay Culkin Replies To Drake Trolling Kevin Durant With A Home Alone Sweatshirt

We are living in a Golden Era, folks. Pop Culture is peaking. Society is peaking. Drake, a TV star turned ultra successful rapper turned sports super fan, has embedded himself directly into the NBA Finals with his antics. He’s trolling Kevin Durant, arguably the best basketball player on the planet, using an iconic movie character, Kevin McCallister. And the actor who portrayed said character is utilizing the social media platform to reply directly to Drake using his likeness to draw attention court side at the sporting event. This moment has absolutely everything. Sports, TV, music, movies, acting, technology, entertainment. Everything. What a time to be alive, and I genuinely mean that. There was a time when sports discussion was just X’s and O’s and box scores. And I’m sure theres some sports purists who wish it was still that way, but as a sports blogger, the only reason Barstool exists and thrives is this sort of secondary content and entertainment that’s inspired by sports. And shit like this just shows how incredibly far its come. We used to hope to see a nobody in the crowd doing something weird or zany to write a blog. Now we’ve got Drake and McCulky Culkin providing the blogs. Wild.