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Fellas. We're Keeping Our Shirts On All Summer '19 And Crushing Some Cheesesteak Cheesecake

Lotta folks out there seem to be appalled by this creation. Just check the replies on that tweet for yourself. But I’m here to say right now that the cheesesteak cheesecake? Well that thing fucks.

I typically find myself in the minority of Philadelphians in the sense that I don’t have an overly aggressive opinion on cheesesteaks. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a wonderful sandwich. But I’m not one of those guys who is going to get into a physical altercation because one person says that a specific cheesesteak spot is better than another. I just wouldn’t consider myself to be a cheesesteak “purist” or a cheesesteak “traditionalist”. It’s 2019. I like to keep an open mind to some things. So if you want to throw some chopped up ribeye on a cheesecake with some onions and peppers? I’m in.

It’s just a shame that this creation comes to us at the very end of May. I mean here I am trying my damndest to not pack on that blogger weight that we’ve seen get to so many bloggers throughout the course of history. Summer is here and it’s time for a lot of us to make that decision about whether we’re going to go tarps off for the summer or not. If you’re anything like me, you’re right on that border. I mean you can get away with going tarps off and nobody is going to be overly disgusted. But also it’s like, well maybe you probably should have just kept your shirt on because you’re not shredded and you can’t compete with those who are. Now that the cheesesteak cheesecake is in our life, though, I think it’s time to just fully commit to the summer shirt lifestyle. I think we’ll be able to look back on this decision 20 or 30 years from now and realize we made the right call.