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Game Of Thrones Fucks Up Again As Jaime Lannister’s Golden Hand Grows Back In His Final Scene


Listen it’s been a weird season of Thrones for me. At times I’ve been it’s toughest critic and other times I feel like I’m defending the show like I’m a member of the Unsullied facing the Army of Death. You wanna talk about bad plot holes and shitty character development, I am here for all that slander. You wanna nitpick every little problem with the edit and harp upon issues with the scenery and continuity? You can fuck off. Some asshole leaves a coffee cup on the table during an otherwise awesome scene and everybody wants to crucify the creators of the show. Everyone abandons ship because something from real life snuck into the camera frame for their beloved Dungeons and Dragons fantasy show? Get the fuck out of here. I’ll always have any TV show’s back for a simple mistake like that. I don’t think a cup in the frame or an extra wearing a pair of jeans means the producers and creators are mailing it in.

Except when you have a one handed guy have 2 hands in his final scene of the series. I mean cmon. That’s egregious on a whole new level. It’s a one handed man who’s been VERY famously one handed for several seasons now. Just earlier in the episode he was waving that thing around, discussing how it was very pivotal in his capture. And for the final scene you’re ever gonna shoot for this show you just forget your fake paw?? I’m sure it’s a pain in the ass to wear and I’m sure there have been times where he’s like “do I have to wear this? Is my right hand in the frame?” But I mean you can’t let that shit slip! It’s your LAST GODDAM SCENE DUDE. Just finish strong for fucks sake. I know your show runners are not but maybe you could??? Goddamit, man. You’re making it exceedingly difficult to enjoy this final season you assholes.

As I just mentioned I’m not gonna say that this screw up ruins the show or anything. I thought that scene of Cersei dying in Jamie’s arms was pretty powerful (albeit not satisfying). I thought it was a good scene. A two handed actor slipping up on his costume doesn’t ruin that. But what it does do is make me write stupid blogs like this. What it does do is give the fans something stupid and negative to harp upon. Game of Thrones had season 8 to cement its legacy. It was their chance to go down in the Hall of Fame as the GOAT. They just needed to not get in their own way. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Mostly through rushed storytelling and lazy writing, but also through stupid gaffes. Starbucks cups, CGI dogs, dark TV screens, and horrendous PR releases has led to SO many negative storylines surrounding this show. I mean the season is 6 fucking episodes and there have been 4 major issues that fans latched on to clown them. We should have spent this season talking about the characters and how their story’s all came to a conclusion. Instead we are debating who fucked up on the editing process and why they shot the show in certain lighting and dumb shit like that. Those screw ups don’t ruin the show itself, but they certainly ruin the discussion surrounding the show. And that’s always been the best part about Thrones. The time in between Sundays discussing why the show is so awesome. Season 8, that week in between has been the complete opposite. I hate to say it but I can’t wait for it to end, that way I don’t have to keep admitting how much they keep fucking up.