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Flyers Add Depth To Blueline And Sign UFA Defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo


It’s no secret that the Flyers defense is just a very very sad unit at the moment. With Coburn and MacDonald out for 4 weeks each and the Spooky Ghost Bear still needing some more time to develop in the AHL, it comes as no surprise that the Flyers would be searching to bring in basically anyone at this point to at least add a bit of veteran depth to the mix. While the rumors about trying to acquire Ryan Whitney would have been great just for my own selfish reasons, I’m not 100% sure how well that would have actually played out for the Orange and Black. So here we have Carlo Colaiacovo and if there’s any reason to be happy about this signing, it’s because Carlo Colaiacovo is not Hal Gill. Other than that, it’s basically a toss up on how he’ll do in Philly. But I was legitimately terrified that the Flyers were gonna try to bring back that grocery stick. Could you imagine that travesty? The 31-year-old Colaiacovo has been bit by the injury bug a few times and never really came close to reaching his potential after being a first-round draft pick in 2001. But the Flyers are in desperate need of another defenseman and Colaiacovo is in desperate need of a job so let’s just cross our fingers and hope this experiment turns into a win-win scenario. That’s really all there is to it though. Pretty much a “close your eyes and shoot for net” move from Hextall. If it works out, he’s a genius. If it doesn’t, at least we won’t have to bother with learning how to spell that last night.

That brings me to a few quick last things to mention about Colaiacovo. 1) That last name is absolutely bruuuutal to type. Need a nickname and need one fast or else its going to be a very long season of blogging/tweeting. And 2) This gif has probably been Colaiacovo’s greatest contribution to hockey thus far in his career so just get used to seeing it some more.