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And The City Of Boston Has Once Again Resorted To Cheating To Win

Spygate. Deflategate. Video taping the Rams walkthrough. Boston College point shaving. The Tuck Rule. And now paying off the refs in Game 6 of the NHL Playoffs. Am I surprised? No. I expected this. But it’s disappointing how often the city of Boston cheats and gets away with it. I thought the NHL would be above this. But there is literally no possible explanation as to how this hit did not get a major, an ejection, and a suspension. Tough to win when you’re playing 6 on 10. But the Jackets aren’t dead yet. If you’re going to cheap shot someone, do it at the end of the game. The Jackets just had an intermission to fire up the troops. We’re not dead yet. Don’t even mention McAvoy. I hate when the bad guys get all the publicity after a crime this heinous. Do this for Anderson, if he’s even still alive.