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I Am Now A Young College Graduate


I did it! I graduated from Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis on Saturday with a bachelors in General Studies. The best part about this degree is that it’s classified as an Indiana University degree, so I don’t have to keep losing my breath saying Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis. Or writing longer sentences. Rather than asking myself, “What am I going to do with this degree?” I’ve always asked, “Why am I finishing school?” Truthfully, I just wanted an excuse to come back home for a little bit. In reality, it was worthwhile.

About 9 months ago, I was finishing my junior year as a Sports Management major. I was creating my own videos while banking on working as an equipment manager for the rest of my life. I visioned the sports industry as my career, but also loved making peoples days. I picked up 2 summer jobs working at gyms in Indy. In addition to working these long hours, I was still growing my following on social media to see where it would take me. 3 months later, it took me to Barstool Idol which changed my life forever. That non revisioned blog is here.

I got this job Thursday, August 15th. The next day, I spoke with Erika and Dave about what direction I wanted to take. Whether I wanted to move to NYC immediately, finish school then move, or work at home in Indy, they were willing to work either way. I was leaning on moving immediately but told them I wanted to go home first and talk to my family. The only problem was my sports management degree was interfering with my path. I couldn’t finish Sports Management online.

You know how Lemony Snicket would stop the middle of the story to explain a definition in A Series of Unfortunate Events Books? I’m going to stop and explain a term used to describe a Sports Management degree. Let’s talk about “trap”. While it is used by many rappers to describe a certain area in Atlanta where they grew up, a trap is defined as “any device, stratagem (don’t know that word), trick, or the like for catching a person unawares”. I can’t tell you how many times my sports management professors pinpointed that this specific degree wont land you a great starting job, or even guarantee you one. You have to meet the right person through volunteering and all that. I’ve devoted the past 3 years trying to meet the right lady on Tinder and would be lucky to get a response from a dime in a wheelchair. People that I have worked with in the sports industry have told me if they could go back, they would get a business degree and spend more time in college meeting the right person/company. You’d be hitting the lottery if you started working a $40K starting salary selling tickets for the fucking Scranton Rail Riders! I would sit in class and say to myself, “Is there any degree that can make this look prestigious?” That degree was General Studies.

General Studies was the only major where I could finish school online, and most importantly on time. After switching August 20th, I moved to NYC full time in November, and have taken 31 credit hours since August. I wouldn’t say Online General Studies was hard work, but it was long ass work. While my friends were opening up tabs all weekend at the bars, I’d have Quizlet and Google tabs open copying and pasting any (all) questions on my homework and quizzes. I mean bro, I got an A++ in my Personal Finance class because every question was online, and I did the extra credit. My GPA skyrocketed from these courses! Too bad GPA’s don’t matter in college.

So why did I finish my degree? My main motivation was to walk with my friends and not feel left out. If I wasn’t a senior, I’d probably drop out, but I was too close to the finish line. My parents paid for my school and I thought the least I could hand them my degree on time. Some may call this white privilege; I’d say it’s the perks of being an only child. And trust me, my Dad forced my Mom to a sterilization after I was born.

College is an accomplishment that anyone should be proud of. It hasn’t felt like I’ve been in college since moving to NYC but graduating with my friends and supporters on Saturday was fulfilling. It was heartwarming seeing everyone hugging, smiling, and celebrating a moment that is well deserved. It’s truly an accomplishment unlike any other, and you can just feel it from the aroma.

What am I going to do with this degree? For now, I am going to use it as motivation to keep grinding in this entertainment industry. Education is important, but blogging is importanter. I’m proud to join the few, the proud, the Online General Studies Majors.