Instagram Model Tries To Slide Into Bryce Harper's DMs, Sends To His Wife By Accident, Whoopsie

Bryce Harper has had a little bit of a rough start in Philadelphia – some slumps, some boo birds, some tension with the fans of the great city.  If anyone needs a stress reliever, it’s Bryce.  Luckily a young woman on Instagram was ready to step up to the task and slid into his DMs on Instagram to offer her services.

Unfortunately for her, she sent it to the one person on the planet that she didn’t want seeing it:

His wife.

Hate when that happens.  Like when you’re thinking of someone in your head and go to text your buddy to talk some shit but type out of the person’s name.

That gets even worse when you’re trying to fuck a guy with a pregnant wife.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 8.10.55 AM

Come on Jordan, get your own mans.