Bryce Harper Says "I'd Boo Me Too" Because He's A Professional Who Doesn't Need You To Worry About His Feelings

MLB: APR 30 Tigers at Phillies

Bryce Harper has been have a pretty terrible stretch here to close out the month of April. In his last 10 games, he’s had 4 hits in his last 33 at-bats. I’m not much of a math guy but those numbers don’t look great to me. Especially not when you’re getting paid $330 million to hit the ball. So after going hitless again last night, some fans decided that the time was right to throw some boos down to Bryce Harper.

This is something that the national media cums their pants over. For some reason, the national media gets rock hard when Philly fans boo their own team. It’s like going to a concert and wanting to hear your favorite band play your favorite song. The national media’s favorite song is Philly fans booing their own team, and all they ever want is for the Philly fans to play the hits. The moment that Bryce signed in Philly, it’s all they could talk about. “When will be the first time that Bryce Harper gets boo’d in Philly?”. Well they got it last night, and Bryce couldn’t have possibly handled it any better.


This is the exact reason why Bryce Harper wanted to play in Philly instead of a fake ass sports town like Washington DC. He wants to pay for fans who demand excellence. He wants fans to boo when he’s playing poorly, and then he wants them to cheer even louder when he’s out there launching balls across the street to Lincoln Financial Field. He’s here for 13 years. He’s going to run into some cold patches here. It’s a little unfortunate that a cold patch is already here a month into the season, but he’s also going to heat up eventually as well. He realizes that all he needs to do to shut up the boos is to crush a few dingers, and that’s all in his control.

It sucks that he’s 4 for 33 in his last 10 games but at least it’s nice to see that he’s got the right mindset about it. Because there are undoubtedly a bunch of bitches playing professional sports out there whose egos are way too fragile to ever once consider that maybe they deserve getting boo’d here and there. But that’s not Bryce Harper. And that’s why he’ll end up being a legend here.

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