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Think Klay Thompson Is Worried About The Clippers? Last Night He Went Out With Bombshell Smokeshow Eiza Gonzalez


NBA superstar Klay Thompson made the MOST of his night off the court — going on a romantic dinner date with one of the hottest actresses in town … Eiza Gonzalez!!! If that name seems familiar … it’s because Eiza was one of the breakout stars of “Baby Driver,” she’s also starring in the upcoming “Godzilla vs. Kong” movie … and she’s been connected to some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Before Klay, Eiza dated Josh Duhamel … and she was linked to guys like Liam Hemsworth, Cristiano Ronaldo, Calvin Harris and Maluma!!! #ShePimp!!! But, on Thursday night, she was with Thompson at A.O.C. restaurant in West Hollywood … and sources at the spot tell us they had a private table in the back so they could be alone.

A little Friday news dump before we head into the weekend. Last night, Klay Thompson went on a date with one of the hottest people to ever walk this Earth, Eiza Gonzalez. The Warriors just lost Game 5 to the Clippers and the Rockets are now getting a ton of rest for the next round. You think Klay is feeling the pressure in the slightest? Nope, the guy could not be less worried. Dude is out here wining and dining a girl who makes regular smokes look like cavemen. Eiza Gonzalez makes women all over the world question if they are the same species as her. She used to date Josh Duhamel and Klay used to date the Abigail Ratchford and Laura Harrier (Peter Parker’s prom date in Spiderman: Homecoming) but it looks like they’re single and ready to mingle.

She’s been in the movie Baby Driver and will star in next year’s Godzilla vs. Kong mega blockbuster. In case the name isn’t familiar, she is the actress who showed up to the 2018 Oscars in that STUNNING yellow dress. You can make a legit argument that no woman on the planet has ever worn a dress better than her that night.

She completely broke Twitter that night. Everyone was wearing the same color that night in solidarity of the #MeToo movement. Eiza didn’t get the memo and stole the show. She’s perfect in every way, shape, or form. There should be statues made of her all over the world.

In the words of Mike Breen…”Klay Thompson from deep…BANG!!!!!”

Warriors tonight by a billion.