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Scott Boras SCREAMING at Someone On The Phone Behind Home Plate Last Night Was Pure Gold

The best thing to come out of the Yankees-Angels game last night had nothing to do with the game itself (I will not comment on the outcome because I was at the movies when the onslaught began so that didn’t happen in my mind).  Nope, the best thing to come out was Scott Boras vs. his the man on the other end of this phone call.

What I learned last night is that I will never pick up a phone call from Scott Boras. Nope, no thanks. I think he dropped like 5 “f-bombs” in a 12 second span. What was he talking about? Someone low-balling Keuchel again? Maybe it was one of those spam callers asking him for the 12th time in 24 hours if he wants health insurance? Maybe the food he ordered never came? Either way, an angry Scott Boras is not someone I want to trifle with. When you get a call from Boras, you know your day is about to be ruined.

Shout out to Jomboy for snagging the video, he’s a must follow for hilarious MLB videos these days. His twitter breakdowns are incredible.