Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 16 - How Can Anyone Possibly Like Tomato Juice?


-There’s no way anyone can actually enjoy the taste of tomato juice. It’s like half soup, half ketchup. Just absolutely disgusting. People love putting pepper in it too. If you can put pepper in a drink, it shouldn’t be a drink. (Side note: I have only seen tomato juice drank on airplanes and at diners).

-When I feel a place has relaxed security, especially at an airport, I really don’t like that. I want to be thoroughly checked. I have nothing to hide, but other people might. I welcome taking my shoes off and putting my laptop in a separate bin. A thorough check might be inconvenient, but you know what is convenient? Living.

-I have no concept of dimensions. If you told me a room was 20×40, I’d believe it. If you told me the same room was 100×120, I’d believe that too. It’s one of my greatest weaknesses as a person.

-Another one of my weaknesses is working printers. Can’t remember the last time I printed something without an issue. It’s just never easy.

-Recently outside of a CVS, a little girl asked if I’d like to help raise money to stop bullying. I politely declined. I am anti-bullying, but I just don’t understand how raising money can stop bullying. Are you gonna pay these kids to not be little shits? Just be better parents and stop being dicks, kids. I don’t see how me giving a random little girl $10 can possibly solve anything.

-Eating alone at a restaurant is one of life’s best pleasures.

-When professional athletes go on the road, why can’t they just pretend the crowd is cheering for them? People always say that the crowd has a huge impact on games. But in baseball for example, if the bases are loaded with 2 outs in a big spot, the crowd is cheering loud no matter what team is at the plate. Just pretend like they’re cheering for you.

-One of my favorite human moments is when a random person does something weird/crazy/rude, and you lock eyes with a stranger, acknowledging the person’s antics and giving each other a look of “Get a load of this guy! At least we’re not him!”

-When someone says, “___ head ass”, I always find that funny.

Here is a video thought on how people should pronounce the word “nah” when it’s typed out. It would’ve been tough to explain in writing, so I needed audio aid.

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From @aufdezack on Twitter

-Why do they call players hot when they are doing good and cold when they are doing bad, but yet have ice in their veins or are cold blooded when they do good at the end of the game? Shouldn’t they have fire and be warm blooded?

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