What Does Rashan Gary's 9 on the Wonderlic Test Say About the Quality of a Michigan Education?

I want to make one thing clear: this blog is not an attack on Rashan Gary’s intelligence. But even if it were, apparently he wouldn’t be able to read it. They say scoring a 10 on the Wonderlic Test is a sign that you are literate. Well, the Michigan All-Big Ten defensive linemen and soon to be 1st round pick just scored a 9.

And those are just the defensive linemen scores, but you can look far and wide to try and find anyone in this year’s crop of prospects that scored worse than him. Look at quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs, or kickers. Look at whatever you want. Rashan Gary’s 9 was the worst. Not a good look for the General Studies major from “The Harvard of the Midwest”.

What a sad day century to be a Michigan Man. Not only have they not beaten their “rival” in the last century, but now they are also being exposed for the fraudulent university they are. What happened to the once proud institution that was the University of Michigan? Win or lose, they could always hang their hat on the fact that they held themselves to higher standards than the rest of the Big Ten. No matter how many 62-39 losses they have that set Michigan athletics back 100 years, they always had Michigan academics. Well….they did. Until Rashan Gary exposed the entire university and admissions office by getting a 9.


The most embarrassing part of this story for Michigan is not the score itself. It’s the fact that Gary is also a two-time All-Academic Big Ten selection due to his GPA. What kind of classes is he taking at Michigan where he gets a 9 on the Wonderlic but carries a 3.0+ GPA? Finger painting? The NCAA should look into this situation. God forbid this be the case, but it seems like football players are Michigan may be getting special treatment compared to the common student. And we all know how serious of a crime that is.


So what is Michigan now? My boss, Dave Portnoy, has finally seen the forest through the trees about their football team. It may have taken him 42 years to do it, but he now finally admits that Michigan football is a joke. But I heard his spin-zone is that they have become another Northwestern. Ummm, what? Clayton Thorson, a QB prospect from Northwestern, just scored a 32 on his test. That’s 3x higher than Rashan Gary. It’s actually 3.55x higher but I don’t want to have to explain decimals to Michigan grads. I think a more accurate comparison for the state of the University of Michigan right now is a poor man’s Kansas. Terrible football. No academic standards. And a basketball school for now, until the NCAA cracks down on them.

Blogger’s Note: Dwayne Haskins scored a 25, and Nick Bosa scored a 23.