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Happy Earth Day From Barstool Sports



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Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 4.07.15 PMToday’s Earth day. You probably saw some activists on the way to class or got an email from your HR department 4 months ago about a community service day that you didn’t go to because you’re not taking a day off to do environmental clean up in a public space.

Or maybe you’re like me and didn’t know until about 10 minutes ago and you’re just educating yourself.

In that case, welcome. I’m delighted to have you.

We love Earth Day at Barstool. It’s a chance to celebrate everything that’s great about the planet. It’s also a time to remember America’s greatness – we invented the holiday almost 50 years ago and now 193 countries participate according to wikipedia.

As a kid I remember Earth Day being alright at best. We didn’t get the day off school so it’s not in Abe Lincoln or Casmir Pulaski Day echelon but I remember we got to wear jeans and sneakers (went to catholic school) and I think we got a hot lunch from McDonalds or something shitty like that. After 4 measly nuggets, we all walked to a small park close by where a 6th grader cut a ribbon off a tree recently planted by the local park district.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 4.01.11 PMNot pictured: Oak Lawn Park District

Anyways, a teacher would then follow up with an uninspiring speech about the importance of a clean Earth. We’d hand out some buttons and then a police officer would talk about why we don’t litter. Then we’d go back to school and color some shit in to bring home to our parents so they knew they were getting their moneys’ worth on the Catholic education. 

Obviously I can say 20 years later that it made a huge difference in my life as I’m now the official Earth Day guy for Barstool. Part of me is sorry I don’t have a shirt ready for you guys. Count that in for next year.

For now, here’s *some* of my favorite things about Earth.

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It’s Earth Day don’t overthink it.

Anything Narrated By David Attenborough

The voice behind Planet Earth, Our Planet, Blue Planet… basically if it’s an HD documentary meant for you to go HOLY FUCK EARTH IS SWEET, this guy has narrated it

ab77k935-800x533He has 32 honorary degrees from British University (most all time, nbd) and yet he will go down as a legend for the way he gets you to *feel* about the planet.

David Attenborough, big time Earth Day guy.