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This Dog Stole His Owner's GoPro And The Rest Of The World Benefitted

I feel like we’re a few steps away from getting footage from inside a dog’s head along with translated thoughts as to their happenings. Like what was going on in this swell fella’s noggin as he was trottin’ along, playing with his pals, avoiding his owner at all costs, taking a couple quick respites to collect himself before causing more mischief and mayhem? That’s not something I want to know, it’s something I *need* to know. I have faith in our nation’s top scientists that they’re working ’round the clock to get us this technology, but until then I will settle for the hearty smile this video gave me. All and all I think we, as a society, are on the same page of saying this video and all videos like this one are a shining beacon of hope on the dank, urine-soaked, hell-hole known as the world wide web.