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Alex Debrincat Is Joining Patrick Kane For The World Championships, That's A Good Thing

These two guys don’t have to go to the World Championships for USA. Nobody would blame them if they passed for whatever reason. The tournament is in Bratislava, Slovakia this year. Beautiful city, but not exactly a well known tourist destination. Kane and Debrincat are going to the Worlds for one reason more than any other…they LOVE hockey. They care about hockey. They want to compete. They want to get better. I mean watch this Kane highlight video from last year’s tournament

You’re telling me this face

is going to treat that tournament like it’s some throw away game up in Rochester? For sure not. The Blackhawks have had guys in the past who didn’t play in this tournament because they wanted to work on their golf game. Legitimately. That’s a real thing. How you can look at Patrick Kane saying yes, send me to Europe so I can play hockey and get better, and be like “nah I am trying to get my handicap down” is beyond me. That is how you have a loser culture. Kane won’t have that. Which is why they need him and more guys like Alex Debrincat on the team. The reason Kane, Debrincat, and now Strome get along so well…they all love hockey. That’s what they care about. That used to be a driving force for the team and somewhere along the way it stopped being that way. Now it feels like the Hawks have that winning hockey culture back. Debrincat and Kane will be playing meaningful hockey in May next year but it won’t be in Europe. That path back to the playoffs starts with Kane in this tournament. Lets Go.