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Draymond Green's Mom Is Ready To Fight Over That Loss

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I want to lead this off loud and clear: I am a BIG fan of Mama Green. She’s incredibly proud and passionate about her baby boy and if you don’t respect that then you can go pound sand. Especially since she’s already straightened out my partner Tyler once a few years back.


So I know I don’t want any of that smoke. Not today, not ever.

But she’s telling a lot of truths via retweets and replies right now. Draymond calling all of his teammates bitches? What of it. They just blew a 31 point lead, someone has to call them names loudly and directly in the locker room. Kevin Durant mentally weak? Someone had to ask the question, rhetorically of course. Because Patrick Beverley is currently erecting a 23-story apartment complex in that dome of his. It’s obvious Doc is playing chess while the Warriors keep getting repeatedly smashed with draw fours in Uno.