Christian Yelich Hits Three Bombs In A Brewers Win, And We're Running Out Of Words To Describe This Man

St Louis Cardinals  v Milwaukee Brewers

Yeah, I don’t know what to say, dude. I’ve already exhausted all of the adjectives to describe Christian Yelich. I already wrote my Yelich is a God-type blog earlier this year when he homered in four straight games to start the 2019 season after winning the 2018 National League MVP award. We asked him in spring training, how do you top an MVP award? The answer should’ve been, “Just wait.” We wouldn’t have had to wait very long. The Brewers are only 17 games into their season and Yelich already has 8 homers and 22 RBI. Fucking guy’s hitting .354 with a 1.234 OPS to kick off his MVP defense, all while playing great defense to hammer home the point that he is the best player in the National League. Ain’t close.