I Want The Record To Show I Was The First Person To Say I Was Wrong About Tiger Woods. Credit To Me For Admitting That

So Tiger Woods won the Masters. It was truly a historic moment. A moment that I never thought we’d see.   Just check what I wrote last year.

El Pres March 12 2018

So I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately with golf fans. And that is that they are the softest group of people on the internet. I’m talking marshmellow soft. First they got on me for criticizing Justin Thomas and now I’m getting attacked for going after Tiger Woods. I just don’t understand why golf fans get so mad when you root against somebody. It’s insane. Listen I love Tiger being in the mix as much as the next guy because it makes golf way more exciting. While you are rooting for Tiger I’m rooting against him. That’s what sports is all about. But for some reason golf fans get offended when you root against somebody. They take it as a personal insult. Like you are insulting the great game of golf. It makes no sense. If you root for everybody you root for nobody.


PS – I resent people saying I hate Tiger Woods just to be different. For all you new fly by night Stoolies I’ve hated Tiger Woods forever. He’s just such a fraud. I hate guys who pretend to be something they are not. Tiger always acted so morally superior till Elin beat him to death with a golf club. I loved when he got caught banging a million strippers and whores. It made him relatable, but he never dropped the act. He’s just so smug about everything he does. It drives me nuts. How can you root for a guy like that? Because he’s good at golf? Who cares? I like flawed heroes who know they’re flawed. Not fake ass cocksuckers which is exactly what Tiger Woods is.

Double PS – Tiger isn’t back till he wins another major which he’s never going to do. Period.

Well I’m here to say I was dead wrong. I’m also here to point out I was the FIRST person to congratulate Tiger Woods after his win. I was the first person to put my hand up and say I was wrong. I’m not trying to take away from his accomplishment or shower praise on myself, but I just find it disheartening that so many people are now saying I faked a phone call so I didn’t have to watch this historic moment with the Foreplay boys.

Listen people can say alot of things about me, but I live for witnessing greatness. I love when I’m proven wrong. These are things I thrive on. There is no place I would have rather been than sitting in that chair watching Tiger close it out. Sometimes life gets in the way. But again make no mistake about it. Tiger is clearly back and Riggs, Trent and crew were right. Dave Portnoy was wrong. Credit to me for admitting that.