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Billy Ray Cyrus Jumped On The "Old Town Road" Remix And Went Bananas

The most viral song in the world gets 100x more of a bump by enlisting the legend himself for the official remix. Two days ago, Billy Ray took to Twitter to give the song a co-sign after it was removed from the Country charts.

Now today we have a banger to end all bangers. I don’t care what you want to classify this song as: rock, rap, country, pop. Does not matter. The only thing I know is what my ears tell me and buddy this song is HEAT. Especially with Billy Ray’s bars now tacked on for the second verse. My only initial problem with the original version of “Old Town Road” was that it was too short. Now? Buddy, we’re eating beans over a campfire all 2019.

Only someone who could be this introspective about their world of hurting

could float so thoroughly on a track like this.

Catch me ditching the Q train for the rest of the year in favor of showing up to work like this henceforth.