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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly From The Eagles Week 3 Victory Over Washington

I fucking love this team. How would we had lost this game if Andy Reid was still at the helm? That’s a BIG difference in these regimes. Before you’d guarantee someway, somehow the Eagles were going to give this one away. 3 years ago I’d hammer Kirk Cousins driving down to score a game winning TD with seconds left. That sort of shit just happened to us. Now it’s the complete opposite feeling. Chip’s finding ways to win no matter how ugly it looks, and dammit, sometimes it looks downright hideous. A win’s a win a win, and this was a WAR we won.
The Good:

By far the most underrated part of this team all season and yesterday they shined again. Chris Polk took a kickoff to the house for the Birds for the first time since 2008. Parkey continues to BOOT it with force. The kickoffs have been powerful and he absolutely drilled a 51-yarder in crunch time. A type of kick that Alex Henery would’ve shanked by no less than 40 yards. There was one bad punt, but overall the special teams were fantastic. AGAIN.


People must forget when Hugh Douglas sniped out Chicago QB Jim Miller in the 2002 playoffs to knock him out of the game. I was at the Linc so I didn’t see Foles get crushed on the play as well as I could have, but I don’t hate it on Wash’s part. Was it malicious? Of course. But I’m not going to be a hypocrite. I’d be as giddy as a school boy if that was Fletcher Cox laying the wood to Tony Romo. It was a clean(ish) hit during a live play. Foles has to keep his head on a swivel in the situation.

But I LOVE how this team stuck up for its QB, especially when it’s led by the best talent on the field in Jason Peters.

You also had Riley Cooper and Trent Cole running across the battlefield from the Eagles sideline to dance. This is a team through and through. We’re from Philadelphia and we fight, dammit.
Malcolm Jenkins:

The Saints didn’t want him anymore. In fact, they were players that were essentially happy he bounced out of town (a fact that still disturbs me). But all he does is fly around the ball and act like a leader on the field. I’m sure we’ll see his weaknesses highlighted more down the line, but yesterday the safety really stepped his shit up.

FINALLY, some of the WR’s came to play. 16 catches (on 19 targets) for 213 yards and 3 TD’s Maclin looked great the entire game and Matthews doing his thing in the slot has me pitching a mega-tent thinking about what he’s going to do as he grows in this league. Pure wood for the foundation.

Big Dick Nick:

I initially had Foles in the “Bad” category. Again, statistically he was fine. In fact, the books indicate he had a great game. There were still plenty of throws that just weren’t there. But the amount of hits he took yesterday would make anyone a little shaky. Washington had 0 sacks, but Foles was under pressure all day behind that mishmash of an O-Line. The fact he stood up tall in the pocket after getting knocked to the ground of almost every time he dropped back is amazing. Foles took an absolute shellacking all game, and his heart and toughness need to be mentioned. This kid is a warrior.



The Bad:
The Defense:
The ONLY reason this is under bad and not ugly is because they won. You can’t give up 511 yards, including Jaccpot cash in on an 81-yarder. You just can’t. Granted, they got a stop when they needed it most, but right now they’re 3rd from the bottom for the worst D in the NFL. Gotta improve.
The Ugly:
Rush offense:

22 yards for Shady. That’s it. Other than a couple of nice catches, Sproles was essentially a non-factor, too. Washington did a great job containing these two, but with the talent we have in the backfield this is inexcusable.

Jason Kelce’s Injury:

You know if this Viking of a man going down it’s for something worthy. Out 6+ weeks with a sports hernia. It’s never ideal to lose one of the best centers in the league.

Cary Williams:

Dude gets burned on the field then does a postgame interview in a Yankees jersey in which he bashes Chip and his practice methods. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MESS UP A GOOD THING?

Get fucking bent with your sconces, Cary. Until then, we’re going to the West Coast to face the 49ers who sit at 1-2. The Birds are due for a L and I don’t feel good about going into this one, but then again I don’t feel good about much in life. Expect the Eagles to roll.