Sitting Down In A Dorm Room Shower While On FaceTime Is A Hell Of A Move

This right here is a HELL of a move. I can’t lie, while I know it’s disgusting, I love this kids moxie. I love his not give a fuck attitude. This kid is GOING places, baby! I mean yeah, 60% chance the place this kid is going is “jail” or the looney bin, but regardless, for now, Go Kid Go! Do what you gotta do in the conditions you got! Survive and adapt!

I mean we’ve all been in a dorm room situation. Your roommate won’t let you get 5 minutes of alone time to hop on FaceTime with your girlfriend to get a good wank off. So he had to get creative with it. And what is a more private place than the shower? Waterproof technology is so amazing these days, I tell you what. So against all better judgement he sat his bare ass onto the communal bathroom floor, pulled up his girlfriend, and got to work. Can’t knock that hustle. Dude is playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers/being normal human beings. But regardless, what can ya say? If you gotta get that nut off, you gotta get that nut off. Hopefully everyone else has a good pair of flip flops though, because if you find yourself with sticky feet later I think you need to chop them off.