The Sixers/Hawks Game Will Have An Alternate Feed Dedicated To Gambling And Live Lines

This is EXACTLY what you need for an April Sixers/Hawks game. I mean let’s be honest. Everyone gambles. It’s not exactly a taboo anymore. We can be open with it. We’re seeing more of a push with it being legalized and everyone talking more and more about it.

But give me this alternate feed more often. I hope the live lines are the normal ones but give me prop bets too. I want to see odds on who gets a techincal next. I want to see odds on Joel Embiid going to IG or Twitter first. I want to see odds on Trae Young’s distance on his longest shot.

At this point why not? The Hawks are eliminated. Sixers are holding on to the 3 seed in the East. This is what we need. I know the NBA tends be a bit ahead than most leagues when it comes to changing with the times, but this is something that more channels and sports should do. I mean at the Final Four we get the homer crew on channels. Let’s throw in a gambling one too, even though the NCAA is ‘anti-gambling.’

This channel would only make me gamble more if I was watching it live. And that is an awesome and dangerous combo.