Alright Bang Bang...Chicago Dog Walk Now Has A Shirt & Is Looking For An Intern


A couple things to check in on as we move forward with Chicago Dog Walk. First, I would like to once again let you know that the show is Monday-Friday and is ONLY 15-20 minutes. It’s really something I’ll scream from the rooftops every chance I get because I know how it is to not want to commit to something just because it’s long.

Second – I’m looking for an intern. Everybody who sends us DM’s about wanting to get involved well here’s your chance. You gotta be able to know how to edit audio/video. I’m mainly looking for someone that can come with me to interview a guy who works at a paint store, and will be able to know what kind of levels is needed for the best sound quality, edit the show down, and be able to film it.

If these are some things you can do then apply here:

Third – We now have some Alright, Bang Bang merch:

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We went with a pocket tee since people seem to like those more. Like Big Cat said nobody will probably buy these, but HQ wanted me to make em so I did. If you do end up buying them that’d be pretty cool though and would mean alot to a guy like me.

Lastly – I’m trying to make this a fun/interesting 15 minutes of your day. So many people recommended some great interviewee’s that I still haven’t even been able to look at yet. There’s going to be 260 of these this year so I’ll definitely get to alot of them. I’m trying to make this show as awesome as it can be so please tell ya friends.