Aunt Becky From Full House Is Now Charged In A College Sports/College Admittance Scheme .. What The Hell?

Just when things couldn’t possibly seem to get any weirder in this FBI investigation into college hoops we have another twist and this time it’s a bunch of other sports. This time it’s a fraud to get kids admitted into schools. That’s not too surprising I guess. But, Aunt Becky from Full House is involved.

You know Aunt Becky. The one that every guy over the age of 30 absolutely loved. Some of ours first love perhaps. This smoke:

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I mean I need to know exactly what the hell is going on here. What school was she cheating for? She didn’t go to college (according to Wikipedia) and is from New York. I need to know who she is a booster for.
So apparently it’s that her and her husband paid $500,000 in bribes for their daughters to be designated as recruits for USC crew.
But the real thing here is this is just opening up another can of worms with the NCAA. There’s no secret that athletes get better treatment in terms of getting into school. That’s the perk of being an athlete. How many guys can truly get into a Wake Forest or a school like that?
Get Uncle Jesse on the line right now. I didn’t know we’d wake up today – the day of day time college hoops – and blog about Aunt Becky being in a college hoops scandal. What a world.