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Donald Trump Saying He Purposely Called Tim Cook "Tim Apple" To Save Time Is An Incredible Spin Zone


Folks, he’s done it again. Just when you think you’ve caught Trump in an embarrassing situation, he finds a way to spin himself right out of it. Saying he called Tim Cook “Tim Apple” on purpose in order to save time is his Mona Lisa of spin zones. It’s the best one by a long shot. Here we all were pointing and laughing at Donnie T and he has an incredible answer for why he did it.

I’d also ask you to spot the lie in what he said, you can’t. By using just two words Trump was able to convey who he was talking about and what company he worked for (you know, in case you forgot which small start up computer company that Tim Cook works for). It was a master class in time saving. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. He’s busy busy busy. He’s gotta shave time wherever he can. They’ll be teaching the Tim Apple Method on college campuses across the country. You wanna save time? Combine names and companies and you’ll shave at least a minute off when introducing someone.

The best part is no one was talking about this anymore. Literally no one. It happened 5 days ago, it was a thing we all got a chuckle out of and we’re onto the next thing already. The news cycle in 2019 moves so fast that I almost forgot it happened at all. We’re 200 stories removed from Tim Apple so for Trump to be like, “Just so you know, I did that to save time” you just know he was sitting and stewing about how people made fun of him for it. The guy simply couldn’t move on until he explained why he said Tim Apple.

It’s a real life meme that I see on Twitter dot com all the time.

no one:


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