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Hero Ball: Myles Garrett Won't Let Any Of His NFL Friends Fall For Mia Khalifa's Traps

Now this is what real friendship looks like. Guys on opposing teams looking out for each other so no one gets duped into a fling with one of the worst people in the United States of America. That’s big time from Myles looking out for Washington’s Derrius Guice. Maybe it’s a case of learning from your own mistakes? Maybe Myles dipped his pen in the wrong place and almost got burnt? Either way, in 2019 we are not DMing Mia Khalifa. We aren’t even entertaining the idea. Why? Why are we turning her away?

Because she’s poison.

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She’s a temptress whose only goal is pure evil. The best thing Baker Mayfield has ever done in his life has nothing to do with football, still to this day.

I remember seeing that and standing up from my desk to give him a standing ovation. This is the energy we need to bring with us day in and day out. If we do, we’ll all be safe.

Sometimes when I’m on the ole PornHub I try to challenge myself and click on one of her videos and see if I can get myself aroused. It’s like the Cinnamon challenge you did when you were really high in college and tried to eat a spoonful of cinnamon in under 60 seconds. You end up coughing for 10 minutes straight and think you’re dying. That’s what it’s like watching Mia Khalifa porn.