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Steve Smith Buried Jason Witten By Saying He Won't Return To Football Like Witten Did Because He's Actually Good At TV

Ice up, son!!! Yup, that’s a direct shot and a direct hit by 89 directly between 82’s Witten’s eyes. Steve Smith isn’t always the one that starts the fight, but he’s usually the one to end it and I think it’s safe to say that he did both here. I’m not sure if Steve Smith planned that soundbite because he has some sort of grudge towards Witten dating back to their playing days or if it just came up in natural conversation. But I’m sure 89 doesn’t mind taking down a Cowboy considering his long-standing rivalry with Michael Irvin.

Now I don’t imagine Jason Witten will respond because I didn’t even know he had a voice box until he retired and was thrown into one of the NFL’s marquee showcases with no prior experience. However if Robo Witten decides to fire back, I’m sure 89 will give us his complete thoughts on Jason Witten’s professional accomplishments, which will lead to me writing another blog about 89. The bottom line is we need more guys like Steve Smith that are Must Watch on the field and in the booth. Take notes, ESPN.