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There's A New Set Of Bash Brothers In Town And They Go By The Names Travis Konecny And Nolan Patrick

“I’ll fuck you up anytime. Anytime….whenever you want” – Travis Konecny, 2019.

I fucking love these two more than anything in the world. Travis Konecny and Nolan Patrick. The Bash Brothers. The Gruesome Twosome. Just a couple of very good boys who ain’t gonna be takin’ no shit from nobody.

A lot of people have been talking about what the Flyers’ identity was going to be in the post-Wayne Simmonds era. I think a lot of people were worried that the Flyers were going to get pushed around physically a little bit now that Simmer isn’t there to instill the fear of god into opponents. But the good news here is that Wayne Simmonds was obviously a great teacher. And he clearly left an impression with the young guys on the squad because they’re picking up right where he left off. If somebody goes after one of your guys, you make it your goal the rest of the night to Fuck. Them. Up.

And good on Nolan Patrick for being able to stick up for himself last night. This hit from Kurtis Gabriel in the 1st period last night was absolute bullshit.

Words can’t even begin to describe how dangerous of a hit that was. It was a god awful hit from a god awful player. Kurtis Gabriel is going to have a cup of coffee in the NHL. He is a nobody. He is beyond irrelevant out there. And he’s going to make some chicken shit hit like this? On a player like Nolan Patrick? Get the fuck out of here with that. I feel bad because I’m sure that Kurtis Gabriel is just trying to make an impact so that he can stay up in the NHL for longer than a week before he gets sent back down to taking buses to games. But if that’s how he’s going to make an impact? Then he doesn’t belong in the NHL because it’s only a matter of time before a plug like that seriously injures somebody while trying to make an “impact”.

Now it would be easy for Nolan Patrick to retaliate right away. It would have been easy for him to retaliate the next time that Kurtis Gabriel touched the ice. But Nolan Patrick is a hockey player, not a goon. So he’s smart and has a hockey IQ. He knew that immediate retaliation wasn’t the time and place. So he waited, and waited, and when the Flyers were up 5-2 later in the game? That’s when he made his move.

Was it a little late and did he come up a little high? Of course. But that’s the point. It was a fucking dirtbag hit from Kurtis Gabriel and he deserved to get smoked by Nolan Patrick in that situation. You want to know an easy way for that entire ordeal to be avoided? If the refs did their goddamn job and tossed Gabriel out of the game in the 1st period. But if the refs weren’t going to enforce the rules of the game, then Nolan Patrick had to take matters into his own hands. And I love the shit out of that.

Sidenote: I’ve said this a few times already but the white ear loops on the black helmets make these Flyers alternate uniforms pop so damn hard. It’s beautiful and I’m just so thankful that somebody in the organization finally turned their brains on and made that decision.