Shut Up About Bryce's Contract. Nothing That Happens 13 Years From Now Matters Anyway


So some minor news broke earlier today. Not sure if you guys caught this one or not but it turns out that Bryce Harper has signed a deal to play for the Philadelphia Phillies men’s professional baseball team. What a world.

And all it took to get Bryce to agree to play here was to hand him over a 13-year contract worth $330 million without any opt-outs. Now the no opt-out thing is obviously going to be where the rest of the world decides to point and laugh at Philadelphia. They’ll say some shit about how Harper is overrated and that this contract is going to look baaaaaad when Bryce is playing his 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th season in Philadelphia. But to that, all I have to say is this:

Literally nothing that happens 13 years from now means a damn thing right now. Nothing at all. 13 years from now will be the year 2032. That might as well be a made up year because who the fuck knows what will happen between now and then. The world could explode. We could all be captured by aliens. You could maybe just stop caring about sports 13 years from now. You have no idea if anything that is important to you right now will still be important to you 13 years from now. So who fuckin’ cares how this contract ends up looking in 2030? That’s a problem for future you to deal with.

The Phillies wanted their guy and they did what it took to get him. They’ll get Trout too. The Phillies will be young and loaded. The Sixers will be young and loaded. The Eagles will be young and loaded. The Flyers will be young and loaded. The Wings and the Soul and the goddamn Philadelphia Fusion will be young and loaded. If the city of Philadelphia has to deal with a 40-year-old Bryce Harper at the end of this contract in order to give this city the best chance at putting together multiple championship runs for multiple teams right now? Then so be it.