So It Sounds Like Eli Manning Is Coming Back To The Giants Or He May Not Or He Is But Will Have Competition

I just wanted to give Giants fans that were not on Twitter or able to check the internet this morning an update about the Giants QB position. It is exactly the same as it was after Week 17 and will likely be the same until they draft a quarterback in the first round or cut/renegotiate/officially bring back Eli for 2019. People will say he is leaving, staying, and everything in between. But the Giants are not going to do anything to tip their hand about what they are doing at the QB position until they absolutely have to. And that is going to lead to a billion tweets like the ones above.

Regardless of the moral of the story, I wish I could get the remote control from Click and just fast forward to the day after the 1st round of the draft and see if the Giants took a quarterback and where they stood with Eli instead of watching a bukakke of Eli tweets rain down every time Dave Gettleman or Pat Shurmur are near a microphone. I understand that when you have a Manning brother as quarterback, extra media attention comes along with the occasional Lombardi Trophy. But I have never seen a player that matters less to the grand scheme of the NFL covered more than Eli Manning. It’s gotten to the point where I actually miss reporters trying to figure out where Odell Beckham will get traded to despite the Giants saying he isn’t being traded and ANTONIO BROWN ACTUALLY BEING ON THE TRADING BLOCK.

To Gettleman’s credit, he reiterated today what he said about Odell Beckham the last time these rumors popped up:

Which will only lead to the exact same amount of Odell Beckham rumors to be whispered. FUCKKKKKKKKK.

Anyway, you know who I blame for this entire Eli Manning fiasco? Evil Ben McAdoo. If Benny Mac and his slick backed hair handled the benching of Eli the right way instead of springing it on him and turning the keys of the franchise over to Geno fucking Smith, Giants fans wouldn’t have lost their mind, the Maras wouldn’t have gotten 8 zillion angry emails/phone calls/messages from ticket holders, and the Eli Manning Era could potentially have already been over. Instead, that may have led to the Giants bringing in a Pro-Eli GM, drafting Saquon Barkley (who I loooooove) over last year’s QB crop, and life is QB Purgatory which is just as ugly to watch on Twitter as it is on the football field.

And just as I was about to hit Publish, the Eli saga takes another turn as another QB with humongous private parts becomes an option for the Giants.

Time to prepare for the 8 million tweets about how Pat Shurmur was Big Dick Nick’s offensive coordinator the year he put up 29 TDs and 2 INTs for the Eagles while also dreaming of a reality where the Giants fuck over the Eagles for the first time in forever.