The Indiana Band Dancing To Mr. Brightside Is As White As You Can Get

Listen, we can be honest here. It’s like the line from Role Models. ‘You white, you Ben Affleck.’ Well, you white, you like Mr. Brightside. Those are just facts. You hear the song you start singing and bouncing around a bit. Doesn’t matter where you are.

I love this guy from the Indiana band. 3 point game? Wisconsin about to go to to the free throw line to tie it up? No worries because Mr. Brightside is playing. Start hopping around and go with the classic dance move. Pump your arms a bit and then start pointing while hopping.

All this did though was remind me of the greatest Mr. Brightside video

When I die fuck a funeral. I want all of my friends and family to be hammered at an Irish pub dancing and singing my favorite songs. Still the best video out there.