Topher Grace Took All 10 Star Wars Movies And Edited Them Into An INCREDIBLE 5 Minute Super Trailer

Did Eric Forman do it again or did Eric Forman do it again? I think many Star Warriors Star Wars fans know that Topher Grace made a recut of the prequels that turned 6+ hours of awkward dialogue and CGI diarrhea into a coherent movie. He never released the video to the public, but based on reviews of the people who saw it, it sounds like he did a pretty good job of making bantha salad out of bantha fodder.

Which is why I wasn’t surprised to see how good this trailer was. Go heavy with the OG trilogy scenes, use the epic prequel shots without any talk of trade blockades, throw some Anakin/Luke parallels in here and there, and sprinkle highlights from all of the Disney era movies on top for 5 minutes of movie magic. Oh yeah and stay far, far away from blue alien titty milk, anything Rose related, gripes about the coarseness sand, and of course the flying Carrie Poppins scene. In fact my only real critique is that the biggest twist in movie history is basically spelled out in the trailer. But if you are clicking play on a Star Wars trailer, you already know that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, so you might as well just show it in the trailer so you can do all the sweet edits that show the duality between father and son as well as the light side and the dark side. I clearly approve of this trailer and would love for Topher to re-edit The Last Jedi into a good movie, even if it means it has the same runtime as one of those Pixar shorts.