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Smash Mouth Is The ONLY Source I Trust For Bryce Harper News

Move over, Rosenthal. Take a hike, Jon Heyman. There’s a new sheriff in town, and they go by a little name called Smash Mouth. I will never, ever trust any other source besides Smash Mouth ever again. I mean, Heyman has been sending out tweets on behalf of Scott Boras for the better part of 6 months now. Nobody seems to know anything. Every 3 days we hear “Bryce to announce he’s signing with the Phillies tomorrow”, and then nothing happens. Then like clockwork we hear “a mystery team has emerged” and it’s just the Giants or Dodgers for the 6th time.

It’s actually pretty wild that this free agency is still dragging on. Teams are on their 4th spring training game, and Bryce is still at home in Vegas. This isn’t a 15 year veteran hoping to catch on with a team in a bench role, this is 6 time All Star and 2015 MVP Bryce Harper. You would think at some point he’d be like “dude, just find me a team to play on”, but I guess they are keen to just wait it out and wait it out until the perfect contract materializes.

I think, though I cannot say for certain, that a big reason for this is ego/pride. Bryce turned down the 10 year, $300 million deal from the Nats, fully expecting to get a much bigger one. When that never came to be, he didn’t want to tuck his tail between his legs and either a) go back to the Nats, or b) sign that same deal somewhere else. If all the rumors/leaks are true, the Phillies offered him 10 years, $310 million. If that’s the biggest offer, he would have taken the Nats deal a long time ago and none of this would be an issue. So now he’s just kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Good news for him though—-we’re talking about $300 million!!!! Who cares about your pride or anything, get $300 million!!!!!

Here’s the thing though- the Nats have said multiple times that they’ve moved on. An outfield of Soto, Robles, and Eaton is stacked as is. And without a DH, there’s nowhere to really put Bryce.

So who knows what will happen. It’ll still probably be the Phillies. It’s so weird though, why wouldn’t he have signed there weeks, if not months ago? This whole situation is very strange. Hopefully Smash Mouth will fill us in on the real story sooner than later.