Kansas City Radio Host Forced To Apologize After Taunting K-State Player With A Box Score From Front Row

Last Night: 

The moment this went on Twitter: 

Ah, yes, fake outrage in 2019 on Twitter. My favorite thing after people losing their mind that I hate their team. So in case you missed it or didn’t watch the video, a K-State player missed a dunk last night and chased down the loose ball. He knocked over some box scores that those in the front row get and immediately was taunted by a guy waving a box score back at him with KU winning.

That person happened to be a Kansas City radio host who was immediately identified. Listen, it was hilarious. It was a loser move no doubt. But watching a person shake a box score in the face of a player cracked me up. It was so bad it was so funny.

I can guarantee Xavier Sneed didn’t care. He probably barely noticed. It’s a rivalry game and grown men and women yell at college kids all the time. Now I do find it funny that people turned this into a meme of sorts and led to some good ones:

I’d argue if you’re actually mad about him doing the box score shake you’re a bigger loser than he is. Who cares? Make fun of him and move on. Let’s stop with the fake forced apologies over nothing.