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Tony Hawk's 10 Year Old Daughter Is Already The Best Skateboarder On The Planet

What a great weekend for videos that don’t make you want to punch yourself in the face! First we had the 4 year old mic’d up at hockey practice, (if you haven’t watched that yet it’s the cutest video ever) and now we have Tony Hawk teaching his daughter how to drop in.

Tony Hawk has done it all. He’s skated on the biggest ramps, done the biggest tricks, smashed every bone in his body, and taken more shots to the head than Mick Foley. But yet the most nervous he’s ever been is right there, watching his 10 year old about to skateboard.

And then she fucking nailedddddd it and voila, today she’s probably already hitting goofy foot Christ Air 900’s

It is pretty funny when you think about it- like, what is Tony Hawk’s kid going to do, not skate? They have an entire X-Games set up in their basement, might as well learn to use it. And it helps when your dad is the best skater to ever walk the earth. Just give it a few years and we’ll all be playing Kadence Hawk Pro Skater.