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D-Rose Is Officially Back, According To This Beautiful Cake Being Sold At Jewel Osco For $20.99




Hey Miguel, it’s opening night of the NBA season, we need a cake celebrating D-Rose’s return. Use as many A’s as you want but hurry! Andale, Andale, Arriba!!!



Oh and for the record, D-Rose is back. He’s not all the way back, he had a few times last night where he didn’t finish at the rim or was careless with the ball, but he looks so much different than even last year. That bounce is there, that swagger. Now excuse me as I hold my breath for the rest of the season so as not to anger the basketball gods. Cue the “I give it 5 games comments”.





Stacey King is full blown head over heels mode for Doug McDermott. Larry Bird, Pistol Pete, Kevin McHale, you know hall of famers and all time greats, yeah that’s what Doug McDermott reminded Stacey of last night. Super racist but whatever, I let racism towards whites roll of my back, I’m chill like that.





Need this to happen so we can have the whitest most basic kids on planet earth.