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The Time We Booted Field Goals With Philadelphia Soul Kicker Jon Striefsky On The Streets Of West Philly

[kaltura-video id=1004]


Nothing like spending a 95-degree Summer afternoon trying to remain inconspicuous while kicking FG’s over power lines in the concrete jungle. The sea of swamp ass was angry that day, my friends. Gotta say it’s pretty impressive to be able to kick a 50+ yarder into the wind with cleats on pavement. You can go ahead and put that bare footed attempt with Mo playing knockout. No greater choke job since Scott Norwood or Ray Finkle.


In all seriousness, Stiefsky can actually boot. We’re all well aware of the Eagles kicking situation. A limbless chimp has greater leg strength than Alex Henery and Murderleg probably doesn’t have the chops for the NFL. Alex Henery wasn’t even close on, what should be automatic, a 48-yarder in the playoffs last year. The Eagles lost by 2. He also couldn’t get a touchback on the final kickoff and a big return set up the Saints final drive. Kicking is fucking important. Stiefsky has been ripping apart the Arena League recently for the Soul. Why not give this guy a look?

Thanks once again to @BarstoolFranco for all of his delicious camera stuff.