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Mother Hand Feeds Video Game Addicted Teenage Son Because He Won't Put Down The Sticks

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PHILLIPINES – One child’s gaming habits are on another level and his mum now has to feed him during his mammoth 48-hour sessions, because she can’t get him to take a break. Lilybeth Marvel says she became worried about his gaming addiction a couple of years ago when he began staying late at an internet cafe in Nueva Ecija, in the Philippines. Incredible footage has now emerged of the 37-year-old hand feeding her 13-year-old boy, Carlito Garcia, while he binges on the computer. The clip shows the concerned mum having to try and coax her son away from the screen just long enough to feed him his breakfast – and it’s clear from his face that he’s not a happy at having to take his eyes off the screen, even for a second. Carlito becomes agitated and cannot even bring his hands off the keyboard as his mother feeds him. Lilybeth can be heard saying to Carlito: “My poor child… Here, eat now. You have so much money, it might take till tomorrow for you to get home. Are you still needing to pee? My goodness, just feel sorry for my child. You are so irritating.” The youngster’s grandmother has become so concerned for Carlito – who used to skip school to play his games – that she has resorted to sending him vitamins so that he doesn’t become malnourished.

Third world millennials, amiright? I’m half surprised the caring mother doesn’t chew up and digest the food herself before regurgitating it into her son’s mouth. Point for the Phillipines for having food to eat a strong enough internet connection to provide 48-hour gaming sessions. Seriously. It’s amazing how a third world country has better bandwith than my motherfucking NYC apartment. Go sit on a fist dipped in AIDS, Time Warner Spectrum. But for real, how can this happen? Mother up, Lilybeth. Screw giving me vital nutrients to survive, my mom would’ve lit me on fire if I didn’t shut down the N64. Sometimes you gotta put the fear of God into a man dick deep on the sticks and make him log off. If Gordon Hayward’s wife can do it, so can Lilybeth.

Daddy’s always happy!

PS – I hate video games.