Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 7 - The Problem With People You Kind Of Know


-The worst person to be with in any situation is someone you kind of know. With someone you know well, there’s pressure to talk but stuff to talk about it. With someone you don’t know at all, there’s nothing to talk about but no pressure to talk. But with someone you just sort of know, there’s pressure to talk and really nothing to talk about. A killer combination.

-I feel like a podcast hosted by two guys called “Call Him Mommy” would be much less successful than “Call Her Daddy” is.

-When the waiter comes to take my empty plate at a restaurant, I like to put my used napkins and silverware on the plate for him. He shouldn’t have to touch my dirty napkins and germs. It’s just common courtesy, and shows I have respect for the service industry. (He has to see me doing it though otherwise it’s pointless).

-There is nothing like the thrill of seeing two random strangers arguing/fighting. I get the same feeling in my stomach when I’m on a roller coaster.

-Speaking of roller coasters, I bet you’d think I’m afraid of roller coasters based on my general disposition and personality. Wrong. I love roller coasters. Been on Kingda Ka a bunch — sometimes front row.

-When reheating food in the microwave, how does everyone just know how long to do it for? Different types of food require different times, sometimes drastic differences. Sometimes you can’t put it in for more than like 10 seconds. Other times you need well over 2 minutes. I just never know which food needs what. I always ask my mom.

-Talking to little kids on the phone is torture. They are fucking awful at small talk.

-When I was younger, I was obsessed with movie times. I used to go through my family’s DVD collection and just memorize the length of different movies. That was probably one of the first signs that I’d be a little off.

-I have a friend who went to Kutztown University. His barber shop was called City Cuts Barbershop. Seemed like a huge missed opportunity for a great pun to me. I DMed the barbershop’s account and suggested they change their name to “City Kutz Barbershop.” They didn’t change it.

-What happens if an actor gets a boner during a sex scene in a movie (non-porn)? If you have a hot actress naked on top of you, it’s only human nature to get some blood flowing downstairs. Does the actress expect it? Is she insulted if you don’t? Or does she think it’s creepy and get repulsed?

Thank you for your time.