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Today In Zion Doesn't Make Any Sense: He Gained ONE HUNDRED POUNDS In Two Years And Became More Athletic

[GQ] - When did you realize you were unusually big?

I’m gonna say…my…my junior year.

Really? That late?
I didn’t pick up all this weight until junior year. Freshman year, I was small. I was 6-3, 175—like, I was small. And over the course of about two years I picked up a hundred pounds. I mean, I wouldn’t look at myself and go, Wow, I’m 250! I wouldn’t know I was 250 until I stepped on the scale, and then I’m like, Oh. I’m 250? I don’t feel 250. I don’t feel slow. Like, with all that weight just came more athleticism and finding myself able to do new things. People always say you have to grow into your body, but for me, it wasn’t even growing into my body—the more weight came, it didn’t phase me. It made me faster, stronger. It helped me become a more versatile player.

This is flat out ridiculous. Imagine gaining 100 pounds in two years and not getting slower. I mean imagine gaining any sort of weight that isn’t muscle and not getting slower. It’s impossible. Zion is an absolute freak.

This is all I picture when I watch Zion or hear these sort of absurd statements:

6’3″, 175lbs. That’s not that big for a basketball player. I mean, sure, I’d kill to be 6’3″, but it’s not that outrageous. That’s the size of a guard or my idiot friend who is nowhere near like Zion. I should have been friends with Zion instead in my honest opinion, but we did win a dunk contest together, so I guess we’ll call it even.

Think about this for a second. Gaining 100 lbs and doing this:

For comparison sake, here’s him at 15. Nowhere near the same weight as he is as a senior:

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.20.41 PM

This is why he’s such a unique prospect. No one this size should be able to move like he does or be this athletic. He’s a complete freak. Just watch the way he handles the ball and avoids bowling people over. At that size he should pick up more charges, but he’s excellent at moving laterally and being nimble.

He’s a freak. He’s the fastest kid alive.